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Cybernetyx research and development provides an exceptional opportunity to experience ‘real’ product development, and to watch an idea coming to life in the hands of a consumer while solving complex and interesting problems in the diverse fields. Our team always looks for opportunities to work on great ideas and get them ‘market-ready’. There is a lot of cross-functional involvement of various teams, including the software, sales, marketing, hardware development, design and 3-D modeling teams and so on.

We believe that this is the very reason how within a span of only a few years, Cybernetyx has entirely revolutionized the Human-Computer Interface industry through its extraordinary innovations. Our products like EyeRIS, IntelliSpace and EyeSiGHT have changed the very definition of product categories like Multitouch surfaces, Interactive Whiteboard systems, Visualizers, Document cameras, Response systems etc. by bringing in an unprecedented convergence, natural user interfaces, and superior user experience. We're passionate about creating an exciting ecosystem where we won't need tools like keyboard and mouse to interact with computers and our digital information.

Over the years, Cybernetyx has become a part of our lives, and a way to share our love for technology and people. You've got to be a part of this great story, which is still in its very beginnings.


  1. Product Engineer - Software
  2. Area Sales Manager
  3. Sales
  4. Product Support and QA
  5. Accounts


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