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About us CYBERNETYX Interaktiv is a privately held, fast growing multinational technology corporation with its head office in Hameln, Germany with sales and support presence in multiple continents across the globe. Cybernetyx develops and markets one of the most advanced multi-touch interactive products in the world. In addition, Cybernetyx is a leading provider of customized hardware and software solutions for clients from various industry verticals in the interactive space.

Team Cybernetyx is focussed on creating affordable solutions for the next generation of computing and digital interaction. We believe that through conscientious innovation, rapid breakthroughs can be achieved in the utility and cost efficacy of technological products. From the very beginning, Cybernetyx has a kept a strong focus on the innovation and quality of its products and solutions, and is committed to provide its clients with world class HCI (Human Computer Interaction) and NUI (Natural User Interface) solutions.

Cybernetyx’s pioneering Visual Touch (VT) optical tracking engine enables users to access digital information, control multi-media content, manipulate special effects, & immerse them in an interactive 3D virtual world – simply by a gesture/touch based interaction. Visual Touch enables Cybernetyx to develop specialized applications that are engineered specifically to achieve certain functions required by the particular client/ industry under multitouch environment. This software is not based on the traditional click and /or menu driven applications, rather they are specifically programmed to understand multi-gestures and respond accordingly.

Visual Touch

Cybernetyx’s technology is used in several environments, like:

  • Education
  • Corporate
  • Military
  • Public Spaces
  • Interactive Advertising,
  • Architecture & Real Estate
  • Telecom Service Providers
  • Finance (Banking, Stock Trading)
  • Entertainment
  • Healthcare


At CYBERNETYX, we believe that today we need a more seamless & natural interaction with our great amount of digital content, and a keyboard/mouse based interaction is just not enough. Though the mouse and keyboard are more than forty years old, they continue to dominate graphic computing, to the detriment of productivity and an entire new generation of users coming online. Cybernetyx devices are faster, because there's nothing between a person and the data: no mouse, no cursor, and no pull-down windows. Cybernetyx envisions developing interfaces that seek to become invisible, bringing people closer to their content and removing their barriers to collaboration.